71a09Cve0tL._SL1500_Inversion exercises are often recommended as a part of a good workout while inversion therapy is already widely seen as a great alternative to painkilling medicines and chiropractors for those suffering from various back conditions. With the remarkable results an inversion therapy session can reveal for reducing back pain, getting an inversion table for one’s home use does seem an attractive opportunity. Luckily, the market of today is abundant in various models to any taste and budget. But how to make one’s way through such a variety of seemingly similar options? There are two key requirements to a good inversion table, those are convenience and safety. In this connection, we strongly recommend you to consider Teeter. This manufacturer has proved itself to create reliable and sturdy inversion tables of the utmost quality. To be more precise, the Teeter inversion tables are placed in the premium segment and rightfully so, as they have some of the highest ratings. The excellence of the Teeter products is a widely recognized fact. And if we had to choose one Teeter model with the optimal price and efficacy ratio, that would be teeter hang ups ep-560, as it’s definitely worth every penny spent on it. Just as you assemble it and see it standing in front of you that stable and sturdy, you realize what a good and safe inversion table means.



Teeter Hang Ups Ep-560 Review

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 inversion table is really capable of changing your life for the better. All those who had an opportunity to test or use it invariably admit that it’s one of the best inversion tables they ever tried and brings considerable relief for the whole body and 712ebpTs7xL._SL1500_especially back. What does this very model have in store, apart from its excellent build? First of all, it maximizes spinal comfort with its ComforTrak Bed. It also offers enhanced stretching due to its convenient inversion grips integrated into the steel frame and the bed. Besides, its revolutionary “Track” design allows for accommodating Lumbar Bridge Accessories and Acupressure Nodes. But the most important characteristics of this inversion table are, of course, its convenience and reliability.Many beginners are worried about possible undesirable effects of inversion, like dizziness or vertigo, and are frightened away by the possibility of accidental injuries. But with Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 you can rest assured that your inversion therapy session will be ultimately safe and beneficial. Unlike some cheap inversion tables that look as if they are going to tip over or collapse the very next moment, the ep 560 inversion table boasts of its solid build. It also has a unique design ensuring proper and healthy controlled inversion with maximal convenience. Of course with such a solid build it also comes up with a considerable weight, which makes it a heavy load to move, but in the long run this weight is justified with the stability and durability it ensures.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 can be used for a variety of exercises, from the core one’s to abdominal and some others. Using it is simple, you just lock in your ankles and prop yourself backward at the desired angle. In such a position tension on your spine will be relieved and the spinal discs will be able to decompress. Apart from taking away the stress and tension after work or exercises this produces an excellent rejuvenating effect on your spine and muscles, helping to reduce back pain or even eliminate it entirely. Many of those who tried it were able to receive evidence that inversion therapy is a way more efficient than painkilling medicines and expensive services of chiropractors while one can benefit from it without leaving one’s home. The teeter hang ups ep-560 is not a cheap model, but if to count the price of the painkillers and sessions with chiropractors, it might appear to be much more attractive. Besides it’s a healthy and natural method of curing back conditions that allows one to overcome pain and gain back a normal and active life.

When it comes to its assembly it’s totally a child’s play, as it doesn’t only come with clear instructions, there is also a DVD included, so that even a person who is not used to doing such things on one’s own will cope easily. Moreover, it comes 60% ready; you only need to get the parts together. So you won’t encounter any problems with setting it up and using it. Dismantling and packing it away will be equally easy though it’s strongly recommended to keep it ready for everyday use. The unit will easily bear even a considerable weight, and that’s one of its main advantages as compared to the competitors, it’s truly durable.

The design and build of the teeter hang ups ep-560 inversion table ensure its efficacy in eliminating back pain, so if to compare it with other pain relieving options, or even other inversion tables, it is the best possible option that will finally justify its price. It will help to revitalize the whole body, not only your back but also you knees will benefit from exercises with it.

The only bottom line one can make speaking of the Teeter Hang Ups Ep-560 is that it’s a high-quality option that excellently performs its core function and is truly capable of improving the quality of one’s life.



Teeter Hang Ups Ep-560 Review
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